Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr says the future of the annual "Superday" event is being discussed by city officials.

The mayor says the city needs to take a look at the cost of the event to the city and whether the city wants to continue to present the event, as it has along with the HollyFrontier company for the past 37 years. ''it's definitely under discussion" the mayor said on Tuesday morning. ''Costs continue to increase, staffing continues to decrease. So the comments (from the public) are really helpful because if we can't meet the expectations, certainly, of the citizens, we need to know that.''

She says the Cheyenne City Council will also be brought into the discussion.

She says city staff members were up ''before the crack of dawn" setting up for Superday. She says between paying for overtime for staff members to work on the event and the cost of paying for Superday games and performers, "it costs a lot of money." She says part of the discussion over the next few days will include a cost-benefit analysis of the event.

Several people who attended the event have been complaining on Facebook since the event was held on Saturday about the fact that it was billed as a "free" event, but a 2 dollar parking fee was charged in the Cheyenne Frontier Days "C' parking lot. Armbands were also sold for $30 for unlimited entrance into the bouncy houses in the kidzone as well as a limited number of games with prizes.

One unhappy person on social media said the armbands were "expensive" and "separated the haves from the have nots." In response to people complaining on the "Cheyenne Area Online Garage Sale" Facebook page, the mayor wrote ''Our staff rocks. Complainers can kick rocks.'' In response to an inquiry about that statement, the mayor later said she stood by the comment.

When asked about that comment on Tuesday morning, Orr said the "kick rocks" remark was ''meant in a lighthearted way."

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