Cheyenne-based meteorologist Don Day Jr. is predicting a somewhat warmer and drier summer than normal for 2018.

Day, who is the founder and owner of Dayweather Inc. in Cheyenne, says he doesn't think the warm, dry weather will be severe enough to produce drought conditions. That's due in part to the fact that local ground moisture is currently close to average levels.

But he says the average temperature for the months of June, July, and August will likely be about 2 or 3 degrees above average. He also says conditions could be pretty dried out by late summer.

That could increase the fire danger towards late August and September if Day's forecast proves to be accurate.

In terms of tornados and hail, Day says the peak times are usually early to mid-June and again in late July and early August, adding that pattern will likely hold true again this summer.

In Cheyenne, the annual watering restrictions took effect on Tuesday, May 1, and will remain in effect until September 1.

But the Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities [BOPU] also is warning residents about the possibility of more stringent restrictions if the city's water supply is threatened by extremely dry conditions.

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