2020 was a garbage year, we all know it. It sucked. Things closed temporarily, some didn't recover and closed permanently. I don't think anyone could see how devastating 2020 would be for business, but, 2021 has gained momentum and it feels like it's gained it's sea legs and some superpowers.

With 2021's new superpowers and sea legs, Chronicles Distilling was able to reopen Memorial Day weekend. I wasn't able to make it over to the distillery over the holiday weekend, but I was able to check it out yesterday during a Sunday Funday trip. I'm glad I did.

My wife and I moved to Cheyenne during the Tiger King portion of the pandemic, so we missed out on trying Chronicles by a mere couple of weeks, so this was our first shot at trying the local distillery. If you've not gone, you should really check it out if you're into libations.

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We walked in and the feel of the tasting room is just rustic and rural. It has a real hometown feel to it. The smell inside had that of an older type of wood paneling may be that I'm use to from most older buildings back home in Kentucky, so it gave me a real homey feeling. It also was very low-key, it doesn't have the feeling that you're going to be bothered by a half dozen "woo girls" yelling while you're trying to enjoy yourself. So that's also a plus. It's a step above a lot of places to enjoy drinks in the Capital City. Not that I'm hating on those types of bars, I go to them, too, but, a lot of times, I enjoy the lack of "woo girls".

In case you don't know what a woo girl is.

The bartender was fantastic, friendly, and gave suggestions since we hadn't been there before. My wife got a Lemon Spritz and I got the Rhuberry Spritz, both from liquors they make at the distillery. I knew about the lemon vodka, but I didn't know about the Rhuberry Whiskey. It had a nice jam taste to it. It was very sweet and enjoyable.

This was my first go at Chronicles and I can't say enough for how much I enjoyed my experience, Cheyenne really missed Chronicles Distilling during 2020 and we should all be happy they're back.


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