You read that right. According to the website Zippia, Cheyenne was named in the top 10 for best cities to start a career in. I know a lot of nay-sayers will disagree, but the way it was broken down, it totally makes sense.

We first examined median income to find the cities where young professionals can expect to bring home the biggest paychecks. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy creature comforts and pay off hefty student loans which goes a long way.

However, big paychecks can come with big bills- so next we looked at average rent costs. For those just graduating college and moving to jump-start their careers, it can be a struggle to scrape together first month’s rent, last, and a security deposit. That first paycheck may not make it into their bank account for a month! The smaller the monthly rent, the better.

Finally, we looked at average unemployment. If that first job doesn’t end up being a dream job, getting your next job is easier when you’re in a city with a strong labor market.

All of our data came from the most recent Census’ ACS.

Also, let's not forget about the whole not having to pay state taxes thing, that's pretty cool. What rank out of the top 10 do you think we ranked though? We'll we weren't first, but we did squeak in at #10 in the country, so that's pretty cool. Out of the top 10, Cheyenne had the highest starting salary for college grads. Check us out living in desirable Cheyenne.

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