Depending on your current situation, whether it may be due to financial or health reasons, moving to a new city while a pandemic is happening may not be the most ideal task to take on. However, Cheyenne happens to be one of those cities that was named as a great landing spot for anyone wanting to make the move to a new city.

Cheyenne's had plenty of things going on lately. The return of Cheyenne Frontier Days came and went, the city has been named one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, and there have been plenty of events to take in around the city all summer. All of that despite the continuing pandemic. Yet, it seems that people outside Cheyenne seem to be pretty envious of our situation as Cheyenne was named as a top city to move to during the pandemic.

The city is one of four that was picked by the publication 'Business Insider' to move to based on a few determining metrics, such as low unemployment rate, low cost of living, and a relatively high level of ability to work from home. Based on these factors, Business Insider attempted to predict the top cities for migration. That list included cities like Rochester, NY, Fargo, ND, Springfield, IL, and Jefferson City, MO, with the latter two of those four being the capitals of their respective states. All of those cities lost population throughout the duration of the study that began July 1, 2019 and ended June 30, 2020.

But credit Business Insider for being half right in their predicted successful cities as Cheyenne was originally on the list, as was Madison, WI, Des Moines, IA, and Huntsville, AL. All those cities grew substantially and were the other three cities on the list named as top cities to move to during the pandemic. Here's what Business Insider said about Cheyenne being a top city to move to during the pandemic:

Cheyenne ranked 12th on our list of cities to move to after the pandemic, in part because of its shorter weekly commute and lower population density. Indeed, Wyoming's rugged capital saw an influx of residents during the pandemic that mirrored five years of steady arrivals.

Conservative politics and wide, open spaces have drawn herds of relocators. Take Microsoft employee Troy Nowak, a California native who wanted to move his family to a place with outdoor activities, low crime, and no traffic. He chose Cheyenne.

Despite originally having that 12th ranking, Cheyenne ended up at the 4th fastest growing city out of those to move to. It seems that Cheyenne, WY is no longer just the biggest city in the least populated state. Things are happening here and people that aren't here YET are noticing. It's kind of nice to be recognized, Cheyenne!

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