While I enjoy the Cheyenne Police Department Facebook Page, it’s nice to know others do too. Denver’s highly respected 9News has featured their content on-air and online while calling it “Comedic genius.” And saying “the Cheyenne Police Department remains the funniest thing on Facebook.”

I think a sense of humor is necessary for those who deal with some of the worst and most heartbreaking things the world has to offer, and some of the most frustratingly stupid, like this confused and irate transplant:

I posted the Cheyenne Police Department’s “Slick As Scale” here on our site back in February in recognition of their creative comedy that still gets the message across.

Cheyenne Police Department via Facebook
Cheyenne Police Department via Facebook

”Whoever is running your social media dept is killin’ it! Glad to see a sense of humor in my hometown. Keep it up!”

– Troy on Facebook

All credit goes to Cheyenne Police Department Public Information Officer Kevin Maletesta.

“During our previous love letter to the Cheyenne Police Department, we highlighted how they manage to both inform their community while being hilarious.”

9News highlights several examples of CPD hilarity while taking care of business.

The men and women in blue risk everything every time put on the badge to serve and protect. Cool to see them do it with a sense of humor and style. Some will always complain about something, but it seems most appreciate what they do for us and how they do it. Thanks to all who serve.

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