As a partial shutdown of the federal government continues into its third week, 101.9 KING-FM in Cheyenne has temporarily banned the popular Pink Floyd song "Another Brick In The Wall" until the impasse is over.

"The proposed border wall has been debated all over the country," Townsquare Media - Cheyenne Operations Manager Don Harrison said in a memo. "With respect for opinions on both sides of this controversial issue, we've decided to remove the song from rotation until the dispute is resolved and the government is reopened."

Harrison expressed concern that the song could potentially offend some listeners and says the station will replace it with other Pink Floyd favorites like "Dark Side of the Moon", "Young Lust", and "Wish You Were Here".

The radio station is also urging its audience not to eat dinner before dessert.

"How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?" Harrison wondered.

Harrison hopes that the moratorium will be brief for the sake of Pink Floyd fans and federal employees.

"When this is all over, we'll watch the movie 'The Wall' and fall asleep," he added.

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