Keep America Beautiful TV Commercial (YouTube)

Do you recycle? With the City of Cheyenne's Curb-Side Recycling Program it's now easier than ever.

I've always believed in recycling to reduce the amount of trash headed to the landfill and I am always shocked when I see anyone throw their garbage on the ground. It takes me right back to the 'Keep America Beautiful' TV commercial where the Native American encounters all the litter in the water and thrown at his feet and has a tear rolling from his eye at the end.

I'm amazed at how much of the stuff I used to put into our dumpster that can now be put into our recycling container. In the past, I would load up all my newspapers, plastic, cardboard boxes and aluminum cans into my van and carry it around until I stopped at the Blue Bins to drop it all off.

Now we have to pay for our new container, but I'm probably saving gas money not having to haul the recycling to the bins myself. And I'm also saving time.

Every 2 weeks, I roll the large plastic recycling container out to the curb after I've been conveniently filling it up right outside my front door with cardboard, newspapers and milk jugs.

The City of Cheyenne Sanitation truck rolls by and an arm reaches out and grabs the container and empties it right into the truck and away it goes.

Thank you to the Cheyenne Sanitation Department for providing such an easy method of getting my recyclables to the right place.