How do you dispose of your old batteries?

After you replace the batteries in your remote or smoke alarms, where do you put the dead batteries? I always put ours in a battery box under the sink waiting for the next hazardous waste disposal day. Now I have found out that old 9-volt batteries can start fires.

Mike Rorabeck, Townsquare Media

Many recent fires have been attributed to improperly stored 9-volt batteries. Apparently the exposed terminals can come in contact with other battery terminals or metal objects such as paper clips, nails or tools. If you keep your spent power sources in a junk drawer, it could possible become a fire danger.

An easy way to prevent the exposed terminals from connecting with any other pieces of metal, some electrical tape can be put over them until they can be properly disposed of.

Mike Rorabeck, Townsquare Media

The City of Cheyenne annually holds Hazardous Waste Disposal Days, but those came to an end last April. Coming soon, possibly by the end of February, a permanent waste disposal facility that's open year-round will be opening. Until then, track down those 9-volt batteries and keep them from igniting.

Ironic that the batteries from the device that could save your life, could actually spark the fire that could take it.