Steve Cooper, Gina Johnson  and Maestro William Intriligator and share some music and conversation on KingFM, as they get ready for tonight’s performance at the Cheyenne Civic Center, where Gina is the featured soloist with her oboe.

Maestro Intriligator is in his sixth season as Music Director and Conductor of the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra and is the antithesis of what I expected. I was expecting a stuffy or pompous man, but it turned out he’s refreshingly bright and fun, as well as fully versed in the “Maestro episodes” of Seinfeld episodes as we swapped our favorite lines.

I am looking forward to seeing his passion for great music and conducting, and Gina’s skills as she takes center stage to share her considerable skills on the Oboe.

If you've never experienced a concert with about 60 talented musicians with acoustic instruments, not amplified, playing truly ‘in concert’ with one another on some of the best music ever written, you should treat yourself.

Tonight, you have that chance.

Knock ‘em out Gina!


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