The future of travel is about to change in a big way. Imagine making a run from Cheyenne to Pueblo, or Vail, Colorado in about 18 minutes, traveling as fast as 700 miles per hour (the speed of sound is 767 mph).

LA-based Hyperloop One narrowed the field of 2,600 competitors and chose Rocky Mountain Hyperloop as one of 35 worldwide semifinalists to build this new transportation technology. CDOT has proposed a 40-mile route from Greeley to Denver International Airport for the first phase of construction.

After phase one of RoadX is constructed, a 50-mile extension to Cheyenne could eventually cut a Houston, Texas 17-hour trip by car to 1 hour and 48 minutes.

 “Hyperloop technology directly aligns with our goals of reducing the cost of transporting goods; of turning rural state highways into zero-death roads.”

Virgin Hyperloop One via Youtube
Virgin Hyperloop One via Youtube

It will also do wonders for highway congestion. Still many issues to deal with, but the future is bright,

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