Let's get ready to rumble, Cheyenne. On June 2nd, the Capital City will host the first legally sanctioned bare-knuckle boxing match in nearly 130 years. The newly formed Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship will broadcast their first pay-per-view event from the Cheyenne Ice and Events Center.

Wyoming recently became the first state to ease restrictions on bare-knuckle fighting. The card will feature several former UFC fighters and kickboxers. Although the fighters will not wear gloves, their hands will be wrapped.

Before bare-knuckle boxing was banned in 1889, it was big business in Cheyenne. In the late 1860s, legendary lawman Wyatt Earp staged bouts in the Cheyenne Depot.

Another local legend, Harry Hynds, started out as a bare-knuckle boxer. After he purchased the Capital Saloon, he set up a boxing ring behind the bar and would offer $100 to any patron who could beat him.

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