A real Whodunit is coming to Cheyenne as the Office Bar & Grill will present a murder mystery dinner coming up in September. The event is happening on September 17th, so you have plenty of time to get ready for this event, which I think will be an absolute blast! True Crime is a big deal now, so I'm sure if you grab your best and sleuth-iest friends, nothing will hold you back.

For $75, you'll get dinner and a great whodunit story for the murder mystery. They'll also have a cocktail hour prior to the event, so you can get to know your fellow sleuths. Oh man, what if you're named the murderer while you're AT COCKTAIL HOUR. I'm getting really excited for this event now.

I like that they already gave the theme. "Death Of A Gangster" sounds like a really good time, and it'll be set in the 1920s. They're encouraging flapper attire, and I'm here for it. the part where they say, "A 1920's Mafia Marriage Murder Myster" makes me feel like this might have some very deep Godfather vibes. Toss in the encouragement of costumes, how can you not be excited for this?

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Now, I'm a fan of sometimes waiting when an event is coming up that I'm considering attending. This probably shouldn't be one that you wait out. This has a feel for something that sells out before we make it to peak summertime. So, you'll probably want to go ahead and get your admission. I know I'm going to.

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