Currently, you can order online with WalMart, go to the store and have someone bring your items to your car and load it. WalMart just stepped up their game and will now be delivering groceries right to your door, According to KGWN.

You can place your grocery order online at or through the WalMart Grocery app, select the location you would like it delivered (if it is within the delivering area), and your groceries will be there in no time. It will work like this, you place your order online, a professional grocery shopper receives the order, then goes through the store retrieving your items.

When the customer is done with their order online they then must select a time and place for the delivery.  After that, the customer then pays for the order, no money will ever be exchanged with the customer and the person delivering the groceries.

Once the order is placed, paid for and bagged up the delivery service has one hour to get you your groceries. It doesn't matter how much the order costs it will get delivered, and there will just be $7.95 for every time you get a delivery.

The delivery service is not only limited to food, but you can also order anything you need from WalMart through the app and they will deliver it.

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