Two Cheyenne Family YMCA preschool teachers have been suspended after child abuse allegations were made against them Thursday.

"We received a complaint from a woman who was in (Holliday Park) and observed our staff doing things that made her uncomfortable and concerned," said CEO Patty Walters.

Walters says the Learning Center Director, who took the complaint, told the woman that the Y would be following up on the matter and taking it very seriously.

"Unfortunately, I guess she didn't like that response so she went onto Facebook and started a conversation about what she felt that she had observed," said Walters. "That just sort of started an onslaught of people chiming in."

"We reached out to the woman again and she again spoke to our director, who again felt like she had a good conversation with the woman and felt like they understood each other -- that we were taking the matter seriously, looking into the situation and doing our own proper investigation dealing with DFS -- and again the woman took that conversation and twisted it on Facebook," Walters added.

Walters says the woman "did the right thing" by reporting the incident, but she wishes the woman would have "let things run their course."

Walters says the teachers will remain on suspension until an internal investigation is complete, which should take a few days.

She encourages anyone with concerns ​to call her at (307) 634-9622.

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