What is your favorite movie theater in Cheyenne?

Sure, I know there aren't a lot of options, but for a town with three major theaters, we have a diverse choice.

The Capitol Stadium Theaters on Concord Rd (just off of Pershing) is a great venue with comfortable seats, clean theaters, large screens, and good sound. The only negative is that it's a little bit tricky to get to, and at first glance it's not a particularly welcoming building.

The Carmike Frontier 9 is located inside of the Frontier Mall. Easily the best part of the theater is the convenience.  Getting to the mall is easy for most of Cheyenne. Have two hours to kill while someone is shopping? Catch a movie. The only negative might be the exact same thing. If you're looking to catch a movie and don't want to deal with crowds, maybe the mall isn't for you.

Lincoln $ Saver is by far the most interesting building. A historic part of downtown Cheyenne makes it a great experience. Also on the pro's list, the movies are the cheapest in town. The obvious negative is that it takes a few weeks for movies to make it around to the Lincoln Saver. Don't expect modern appliances either. The bathroom is a bit of a hike, and there may be a draft in the winter.

The conclusion is that we have three great movie theaters in Cheyenne. Which one is your favorite?