We tracked down the answers. Congratulations to Tamera Hammack who had the correct location at our Facebook page, and thanks to Scott Heatherington for solving the mystery.We wondered if we'd found the Smurf's secret hideout, or if the blue coloring was a nice gesture honoring Cheyenne's recent fallen soldier or the East T-Birds football championship. As it turns out, none of this was the reason.

The fountain can be found in the cemetery north of Pershing Boulevard. I tracked down a 33-year employee with the City of Cheyenne who originally helped build the water feature.

The Assistant Director of Cemeteries, Scott Heatherington, says he wishes the reason for the blue color made a better story. To limit algae blooms, they add a chemical called 'Aqua Shade' to the pond and it turns the water blue.

The water feature is also a koi pond so you can see live fish in it... when the ice melts, at least. While I was there snapping a few photos from a nearby marble bench, the area felt really relaxing. Until the peace was broken by a noisy flock of geese flying overhead.

Fountain with Geese 2014 MRorabeck Townsquare Media
Mike Rorabeck/Townsquare Media

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