Lakeview Cemetery is one of the Cheyenne's best, and creepiest, historical treasures.

Now part of a larger complex operated by the city, it was Cheyenne's first cemetery, dating back to the early 1870s.

While the historic walking trail will unearth more interesting figures than you can count, here's our list of the 10 most famous people interned at Lakeview.

1. Frances E. Warren - The namesake of nearby Warren Air Force Base was laid to rest on Nov. 24, 1929, after serving as Wyoming's Governor and United States Senator. Warren was also awarded with the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery in the Civil War battle of Port Hudson.

2. Nellie Tayloe Ross - The first, and only, woman to ever be elected as Governor of Wyoming, she later became the first female to serve as Director of the United States Mint. She lies beside her late husband, former Wyoming Governor William Bradford Ross, who died in office in 1924.

3. Joseph Carey - One of the most prominent political figures in Wyoming history. He served as a Wyoming Supreme Court Justice, Territorial Congressman, United States Senator and Governor.

4. Willie Nickell - The most famous casualty of the Iron Mountain War, this teenage boy was gunned down by legendary bounty hunter Tom Horn in 1901. Horn was later tried for his murder and hung.

5. Joseph Washington Fisher - The Civil War Brigadier General famously led a brigade of Union soldiers in the Battle of Gettysburg. After the war, Fisher moved west and served as Chief Justice on the Wyoming Territorial Supreme Court.

6. Esther Hobart Morris - In 1870, she became the first woman in American history to serve as a Justice of the Peace, presiding over the boom town of South Pass City, Wyoming. Morris later became a champion for the women's suffrage movement. She was honored with statues at the Wyoming State Capitol and the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.

7. Harry Yount - Revered as the founding father of the National Park system. Yount was the first, and only, gamekeeper at Yellowstone National Park and advocated for the establishment of park rangers.

8. John "Portuguese" Phillips - Born Manuel Felipe Cardoso, he immigrated from the Azores Islands as young man. He later became a folk hero after riding over 200 miles through hostile territory in the middle of winter to rescue troops after the Fetterman Massacre at Fort Phil Kearny.

9. Johnny Slaughter - In March of 1877, Slaughter was gunned down by road agents while driving a stagecoach on the infamous Deadwood Stage. After his death, Slaughter was replaced by "Calamity Jane". The Deadwood Coach later became part of Buffalo Bill's travelling wild west road shows.

10. DeForest Richards - One of nine former Wyoming Governors laid to rest at Lakeview, Richards died in office during his second term in 1903. His grave is marked with the largest tombstone in the cemetery.

In addition to the nine former Governors interned at Lakeview, it is also the final resting place for four United States Senators, two United States Congressional Medal of Honor winners, at least one former Major League Baseball player and hundreds of men and women who helped shape Wyoming history.

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