kricket and karie

Instead of just one critter this week we have two for Cheyenne's Critter of the Week.  They are brother and sister black cats by the names of Kricket and Karie.

From time to time people will drop off litters of kittens to the shelter, it is a lot of work to get the kittens to where they can be adopted.  Usually, the kittens will be in foster homes until they are able to be adopted, just like what happened to these kittens. The best part about these two is, if you buy them together, it will only cost $100 and that includes shots, microchip and spay/neuter.   Of if you would like just one it will cost you $85.  If anyone is interested in fostering you can email or head to the website to learn more. It's easy. We provide any item you need to care for the kittens (and dogs too).

They also need donations of cat and dog food, canned (cat) pate food, non-clumping litter and bleach.  Let's help these animals find their forever home!

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