2019 started with one of the coldest New Years Cheyenne had seen in decades. National Weather Service in Cheyenne Meteorologist Richard Emanuel said in January 2019 that "we bottomed out at 11 below zero" on New Year's morning (January 1, 2019)

The coldest New Year's Day in Cheyenne was in 1979. That morning the Capital City woke to a low temperature of 17 below zero.

"It doesn't get cold (like that) that often, but it does happen," said Emanuel. "(It was) pretty cold around 1995 (-9) and there were some below zero temperatures back in 2002 (-5) right around New Year's Day," he added. "(In) 1979, we had 17 below zero."

That same year, Laramie and Rawlins both set their own lowest New Year's Day temps, at -38 and -28 respectively.


The warmest start of a year for Cheyenne and Laramie was in 1997, when the January first temps were in the 50s.

The average temperatures for New Year's Day in the Cheyenne area are highs in the 40s and a low temperature in the high teens.

New Year's is usually a dry holiday in Cheyenne as well. In terms of weather, that is. Cheyenne barely averages any precipitation on the first.

The record snowfall for New Year's Day in Cheyenne was 2.9 inches in 1976. In Laramie, it's four inches that fell in 1996.

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The Coldest Temperatures Ever Recorded In Wyoming



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