Patrons and residents around Cheyenne's Cadillac Ranch Bar & Grill have been wondering about their new construction, especially after a couple dump truck loads of sand were dropped off in front of the building.

Cadillac Ranch Bar & Grill
Cadillac Ranch Bar & Grill

The bar's Facebook page began teasing the construction and asked if patrons could guess what they were working on.

After many guesses both right and wrong, the "Caddy" announced the creation of their new beach volleyball pit. It will officially open Saturday and remain open through the summer.

We'd like to take the opportunity to remind you to please drink and volleyball responsibly.[tn]=kC&ft[qid]=6431595526746669444&ft[mf_story_key]=228347194009024247&ft[is_sponsored]=1&ft[ei]=AI%408d6a1258dd2fde1245e6b1ec791736ca&ft[top_level_post_id]=1344820688972654&ft[page_id]=118750441579691&ft[fbfeed_location]=1&ft[insertion_position]=55&__md__=1[tn]=kC&ft[qid]=6431595526746669444&ft[mf_story_key]=228347194009024247&ft[is_sponsored]=1&ft[ei]=AI%408d6a1258dd2fde1245e6b1ec791736ca&ft[top_level_post_id]=1344820688972654&ft[page_id]=118750441579691&ft[fbfeed_location]=1&ft[insertion_position]=55&__md__=1


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