There is hidden talent all across this country, some use it and grow, others waste it.  Cheyenne's Brandt Tobler made the best-undiscovered comedians by state list, according to Thrillist.

Brandt has done it all, from traveling overseas to entertain our troops, to being featured on top-rated television channels like Comedy Central, Fox and ESPN.  You can take Brandt on the go with one of his two CD's, listen to one of his two podcasts, one is called 'Let's Get Barndt Married' or the award-winning podcast that he's hosts called 'The 31.'  Brandt was born and raised in Cheyenne but now currently resides in Denver, where he works on his stand-up comedy.

Brandt was asked what people don't realize about Wyoming?

"Even better in person, so I recommend taking a trip to Wyoming. There aren't that many people in the state, but they are the nicest, most genuine people you will ever meet!"


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