Even when you're on a budget, there's nothing worse than staying at an awful motel.

We searched the internet to find some of the worst hotel reviews in the capital city, so brace yourselves for some horror stories.

These reviews are from Google Reviews or TripAdvisor Reviews. In no way do the reviews reflect the opinion of Townsquare Media, the author, or other radio station employees.

Motel 6 Cheyenne "The train is RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR"

Google Reviews

Rodeway Inn Cheyenne "There was actual DIRT (in the sheets)" 

Google Reviews

Cheyenne Motel "We didn't dare go without shoes"

Google Reviews

Central Plaza Hotel "We felt like there was really no privacy." 

TripAdvisor Reviews

Ranger Motel "There was a half empty can of beer in the refrigerator."

Google Reviews

Check back soon for Cheyenne's worst hotel reviews, part 2!