Wyoming is the fifth best state for the least amount of obese children.  From children ages, 10-17 Wyoming only has 10.6% of children obese, according to The State of Obesity.

The national average of obese children in each state is 15.8%.  The survey has been changed over the years and can not be compared to previous years calculations.  Parents or guardians are asked to report the weight and height of their children, then that information can be used to calculate the body-mass index to come up with the results.

The top five states with obese children are Missippi with 26.1%, West Virginia with 20.3%, Kentucky with 19.3%, Louisiana with 19.1% and Oklahoma with 18.7%.

The bottom five states with obese children are Wyoming with 10.6%, Minnesota with 10.4%, Washington with 10.1%, New Hampshire with 9.8%, and Utah with 8.7%.

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