Thursday, April 1st is National Burrito Day and in celebration of the special day, Chipotle is giving away some free burritos and free Bitcoin too! Seriously, this is actually a thing.

There's a website you can go to at and on April 1st, starting at 10 a.m., Chipotle is giving you a chance to win either free burritos or some free Bitcoin. And apparently this is not an April Fools' Day prank either.

It seems that at the website, you'll be given 10 tries to guess a random six-digit number and if you happen to guess correctly, then you will either receive some free burritos or some free Bitcoin. See, we warned you, there's definitely a catch.

According to an Instagram post by Chipotle, here's how it will work:

$100K in burritos. $100K* in #Bitcoin. on National Burrito Day, 4/1 at 9am PST. See you there.

No pur nec. Open to 50 US/DC, 18+. Ends 6:00PM PT on 4/1. Rules: *Bitcoin prizes will be awarded based on the USD exchange rate as of approx. 9am PT on 4/1 (the Cut Off Time). The actual exchange rate at the time of prize award may vary from the Cut Off Time; no difference in value will be paid to winners.

If you guess the random six-digit number right, you will either get food or Bitcoin. In the rules of the contest, they explain that 10,000 people will win a free burrito, 50 people will get $500 worth of Bitcoin, and three people will win $25,000 in Bitcoin. If you're looking for someone to explain how Bitcoin works, you should probably look elsewhere, because I have no clue.

Of course, your odds of winning are approximately 1 in 175,000 so good luck! But hey, there's the potential of winning free food or currency, so it's worth a shot. Happy National Burrito Day Eve!

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