Since the beginning in 1969, Cheyenne, Wyoming’s own Taco John’s has grown to 380 outlets in 24 states and is expanding to new markets across the US. To nurture this growth, they’re expanding their menu to include Chicken and Gravy Breakfast Burrito. This is a key move as they attempt to offer up something that no others have and that people crave.

Their market tests have proven successful, so it stands to reason this will do well. I am biased. I like Taco John’s food. I love that they are a hometown business and I really want them to succeed.

As of September 5, the Chicken and Gravy Breakfast Burrito blends the taste of a traditional country breakfast with signature Taco John’s® flavors – wrapping Crunchy Chicken, Potato Olés®, cheese, hot sauce and sausage gravy in a warm flour tortilla.

My only problem is, that I relate this to biscuits and gravy and my personal experience there with an eventual carb-crash. But in the interest of research, I will try one, for science, on the weekend. During the week, I in before 5 a.m. and that leaves me hungry, unless I bring my own.

I guess I could always make my own burritos the night before, an extremely difficult task as shown in this video. I would just substitute the proper ingredients.



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