The City of Cheyenne announced Sunday evening that it will be making some adjustments as a precaution against the spread of coronavirus (CONVID-19).

  • All non-essential City personnel are encouraged to work from home. Employees should contact their supervisors to determine if they are non-essential. Supervisors will have information for essential personnel with an eye toward working in shifts and platoons to reduce exposure to contamination. All Public Safety personnel should contact their respective supervisor to determine if they may be utilized in another operational area
  • All out-of-City business-related travel by City employees is suspended effective immediately.
  • The City building will be open for business, but access will be limited, and by appointment only. Citizens must call and obtain an appointment before being allowed access
  • All publicly noticed City meetings will continue this week. This includes regularly scheduled Finance Committee and Public Services Committee Meetings as well as Tuesday night’s firefighter labor meeting. Attendance is encouraged by conference call or video when available.
  • No public meetings exceeding 50 people will be allowed, and the City as a whole is encouraged to adopt this recommended CDC practice.

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