UPDATE: The museum has now opened. See photos in the social media posts at the bottom of this story.

Metallica fans will be delighted to learn that there's a Cliff Burton Museum coming to Sweden later this year. It'll be located in the Swedish municipality of Ljungby, near the site of the fatal bus crash that Burton died in.

Guitar World noted that Metallica's Swedish fan club placed a stone at the location of the accident around 10 years ago, which has become a popular place for fans to visit and honor the late bassist's memory.

Now, Ljungby will open a museum filled with pictures, album and other memorabilia related to Metallica, in addition to photographs and interviews from the reporters and first responders at the scene of the tragedy in 1986. One of the larger exhibits will feature a replica of the stage Metallica performed on, as well as the instruments they used, during their last-ever concert with Burton, which took place in Stockholm.

"We primarily want to honor Cliff Burton, who died so tragically in the middle of his career, and talk about who he was as a person and a musician," the museum's creators told Guitar World. "Our second main purpose is to create a meeting place for all those who seek the memorial site in the small community of Dorarp. We want to continue the fine work that the fans started when they started raising funds to make Cliff's memorial stone.”

The museum's grand opening will take place Saturday, May 14. Follow their Instagram page to learn more details as they're revealed.

Metallica were on tour in support of their 1986 album Master of Puppets when Burton died in the bus accident. He was 24 years old.

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