If you have a 2007 Wyoming quarter, it could be worth big bucks, according to the experts at JB Coins, Inc. Their YouTube video reveals some interesting facts about the Cowboy State quarter, especially the coins stamped at the United States Mint in Philadelphia.

The Wyoming quarter was the 44th in the series; one of four state quarters released on September 3, 2007, along with Idaho, Washington, and Utah. Of all the state quarters, the Wyoming coin ranks among the most valuable.

The state quarters struck that year by the Philadelphia Mint were known for their poor quality, which actually increases their value if you have a good one. The highest known grade for a 2007 Wyoming state quarter is MS 68, with MS 70 being the highest grade possible.

Of the 243.6 million state quarters circulated by the Philadelphia Mint in 2007, only four Wyoming state quarters have a grade of MS 68. At a Heritage Auction last year, one of those four 2007 Wyoming state quarters sold for $2,115.  While the state quarters from the Philadelphia Mint are more valuable, quarters struck at the Denver Mint can also be collectible. A 2007 Wyoming state quarter with a grade of MS 68 sold for $360 at the same auction.

How can you tell the difference?

If you have a 2007 Wyoming quarter, look for the mint mark next to the bucking horse. A "P" represents a coin struck at the Philadelphia Mint, while quarters from the Denver Mint are struck with a "D".

There is also another Wyoming state quarter that's worth money. When the coins were released in 2007, some of them featured a hilarious and disgusting mistake. An error in the stamping process caused a die break between the tail and the backside of Wyoming's bucking horse, which resulted in an unfortunately placed "chunk of metal" on the coin that looks like Steamboat is dropping a steamer. The "Pooping Horse" quarter is now a highly sought after item for coin collectors across the country.

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