Among vehicle collectors, there is nothing sweeter than a vintage vehicle found tucked away in a barn. Collectors have shared some videos of some incredible barn finds they've made here in Wyoming.

If you're not a hardcore vehicle collector, maybe you're not familiar with what a barn find is. By definition on Wikipedia, here's what I'm talking about when I mention barn find:

A barn find is a classic car, aircraft or motorcycle that has been rediscovered after being stored, often in derelict condition. The term comes from their tendency to be found in places such as barns, sheds, carports and outbuildings where they have been stored for many years. The term usually applies to vehicles that are rare and valuable, and which are consequently of great interest to collectors and enthusiasts despite their poor condition.

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As recent as last summer, this collector found a very nice XR650R bike that a Wyoming veteran had tucked away and was no longer able to use.

A couple of collectors went adventuring near Buffalo and found the motherlode of classic trucks including some vintage Chevy's and GMC's.

There have been some classic vehicles found locally in our part of Wyoming. Last November a YouTube channel based out of Iowa traveled to Glenrock and found a classic Lincoln Convertible.

Off the beaten path to our south in Leadville, Colorado, a collector made a staggering barn find of a Porsche 356. Excuse me while I drool.

If you love cars, trucks, bikes or tractors and have some spare time to burn, exploring the barn find culture in Wyoming is worth your time. Our dry atmosphere makes vehicle preservation a huge boom here. You never know what treasure you might stumble upon.

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