Earlier in my life, I considered myself a car aficionado. I used to have a killer car stereo until my kids came along. Even though I drive a family van now, I appreciate a new video shared by a car fan that shows a Lincoln Continental Convertible in a Glenrock junkyard.

A guy from Iowa Classic Cars on YouTube is visiting our area and exploring junkyards for special vehicles. One of his stops was in Glenrock where he found this Lincoln Continental Convertible. By the looks of it, I'd guess 1960's era maybe.

He also spotted a 1963 Imperial nearby plus a 225 Buick Convertible. Nice.

This dude mentions our dry climate as one of the reasons why junkyards in Wyoming are a nice place to go car hunting. Should I mention our winters to him? I don't want to bring him back to earth.

Back to the Lincoln Continental Convertible, I did some digging on AutoBlog and some of these models can sell for a pretty penny if you happen to specialize in fixing up beat down vehicles. A few are in the $80,000 range. Oh, how I wish.

If you're a car fan like I used to be (oh, how I miss my 1982 Firebird), this Iowa Classic Cars YouTube channel is worth a follow. Now, back to my real life in a vehicle that still has car seats in it.

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