Most first responders never know what dangerous situations they’ll end up in during the course of their workday. In Colorado Springs, Colo., the Cimarron Hills Fire Department played a part in a strange rescue mission at the Village East Apartments. On Tuesday, a call came in about a skunk that had it’s head stuck in a small drain hole at the rear of a dumpster.

Never ones to let fear keep them from doing their duty, the firemen needed to cut the hole bigger in order to free the potential stink bomb. While others worked on enlarging the hole, one firefighter kept the skunk calm by talking/reading to it, The plan almost worked, the animal was freed The rescue lasted approximately 45 minutes before the skunk, dubbed "Oliver" waddled off.

Resident Tasha Lopez told KRDO NewsChannel 13 that two of the firefighters got sprayed during the rescue. It’s all in the line of duty for the brave men and women in service of their communities.

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