Remember when it was just toilet paper we were short on?

Throughout the course of the pandemic, there were several things that ended up being in short supply. Heck, we're still feeling the ramifications of the pandemic shortages. Most notably there was a panic last year over toilet paper.

Now it looks like we could have a possible jet fuel shortage.

According to CBS, the demand for jet fuel is higher than normal and higher than it has been in the last year and half. For one, many more planes are up in the air these days after travelers are venturing out again after the pandemic stalled much of air travel. In addition to that, planes are being used to combat several wildfires that are currently burning in the west.

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Recently, American Airlines issued a warning to the nation and even requested that pilots work to conserve fuel when possible.

State governors are also getting involved.

According to Travel Weekly, Wyoming's Governor Mark Gordon has asked truck drivers to help. Gordon is allowing truck drivers to work longer hours if they are delivering fuel. This applies specifically to those truck carrying fuel to firefighting aircraft.

Other states are adopting similar policies to aid in the fight against those fires.

Many cross-country truck drivers are limited in how long they can be behind the wheel. This prevents drivers from getting fatigued while on the road and is in place to prevent sleep-deprived accidents. The hours limits vary on many things like what the truck is carrying and how many hours the driver has been off duty.

Thankfully, Wyoming hasn't experienced any major wildfires in 2021 and fuel supplies appear to be satisfactory.

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