You'll now be able to fly Frontier across the pond. According to Frontier Airlines, they'll add 20 new nonstop routes to places like Belize, where the airport connects to Frontier’s Orlando, Florida, hub and where new routes can be taken to Antiqua and Barbuda, Liberia, Costa Rica, and Turks and Caicos.

What's better than this announcement is the price...starting December 11, travelers can fly from Denver International Airport to Belize for only $99. I've never really thought about going to Belize; I mean, I hear it's really nice there, but for $99...I'll go. Promo fares must be purchased by August 2. 

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Daniel Shurz, senior vice president of commercial, said in a statement:

“Summer 2021 has led to phenomenal growth for Frontier and this announcement of 20 new routes comes on the heels of 21 that we unveiled just last week. Frontier travelers now have more route options than ever before to explore, while at the same time knowing they’re flying on America’s Greenest Airline, with a young fleet that maximizes efficiency every flight.”

I've flown Frontier on several occasions and while they don't have some of the bells and whistles that other airlines have and offer, more times than not they have some really good rates.

In addition to saving a few bucks, Frontier is helping save the planet. I never knew this personally but Frontier Airlines is America's Greenest Airline. 

It's always nice to support local and when you can do that while saving a few bucks and hit some sweet vacation spots, it's really a win all around.

Back in the spring, Frontier also added new flights out of DIA to closer destinations. For example, the company added new flights to closer destinations like Grand Junction and Durango and also adding flights to Anchorage, Alaska, and Kalispell, Montana in June.

Frontier has over 1,900 employees and are based right here in Colorado. They also have a maintenance facility and training facility in Denver.

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