Yikes. One mountain lion sighting in your backyard would be scary enough, two would be really crazy, but a whole family of them? I don't think I'd be going outside for a very long time if I saw something like this.

According to Outthere Colorado

Crazy to think these extremely elusive animals are being seen right there in someone's backyard. And three of them. Then again, over the years, we've seen and heard about more encounters because we continue to expand, grow, and build into their territory.

Another thing to think about for many of us in Colorado, according to our friends at Colorado Parks and Wildlife, is if you have deer, you have mountain lions. 

CPW also recommends that you never approach a mountain lion. As difficult as it may initially be, especially at first, remain calm, back away slowly, but do not turn your back on the animal. Do all you can to appear larger, and if the lion becomes aggressive—fight back.

Respect wildlife and everything around it.

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