Most of us would like to travel back in time to last Thanksgiving even though airports were crowded and air travel was the usual pain in the rear. Thanksgiving 2020 may look very different for airline passengers.

According to aviation analytics firm OAG, as of last week, American Airlines and United Airlines had only about 25% as many bookings for November as they did a year earlier. Delta Air Lines had just 12%.

Does this mean airplanes will only be at a quarter of capacity? Not necessarily. Remember the millions of flyers who were sidelined during the late spring and early summer due to the pandemic? Experts predict many of those vouchers will be redeemed during the holiday season.

So there's really not a clear cut answer as to what airline travel will look like during the holidays. But one thing is certain: have a Plan B, just in case. Because the airlines have been anything but predictable for years.

This might be the year that many stay home and create new family traditions without the hassle of travel. In fact, grocers and retailers are stocking up on smaller turkeys betting on family-only gatherings where there's no need for that 20-plus pound bird for extended family.

Literally, food for thought right there.

Source: Fox News

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