In fact, air travel never stopped completely during this time.

The other day, I was curious to see what travel looked like right now specifically when it came to airlines. I was under the assumption that there were no flights being sold since so much of the country was in lockdown. However, after checking some airline and booking sites and talking with friends in the industry, I learned that air travel never really stopped during this time. Aside from passengers, luggage and pets, I learned that airlines can be used as an avian-packhorse of sorts. Some carry medical or other types of supplies from city to city and sometimes your plane could be transporting human remains. I've been on a plane that has transported a deceased service member to his hometown. It was incredibly emotional to see the flag-adorned casket be unloaded from the belly of the plane.

All that is to say, that planes have certainly remained in the air during this time.

Of course, there are less of them, but they are still flying. In fact, if you search for trips you'll find very low rates. It looks like round-trip airfare from Denver to Los Angeles on Memorial Day Weekend is about $200-$300. There are however, disclaimers on booking sites reminding passengers to check the restrictions that are in place for their final destination.

The all-around process of flying also looks different right now.

I'm sure airports are quieter and easier to navigate due to less people. An article from NPR on May 10 states that planes are averaging 17 passengers per flight. Passengers are spread out across the plane to maintain social distancing, an idea that will continue as airline demand increases. Many middle seats will remain unsold for the time being. The article also details some of the changes within the terminals to keep travelers healthy. In addition to airlines requiring passengers and personnel to wear masks, there are also Plexiglass partitions at booking/ticket counters and touchless technology being utilized as much as possible.

So, although things are different in the airline business, much like the businesses around, their doors remain open so please make sure your seatbelts are securely fastened and prepare for takeoff.

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