The first responders of Laramie County are getting some much-needed assistance in the form of CARES act funding that has been approved by the State Loan Investment Board. The funding will help provide assorted protective gear and devices for the Cheyenne firefighters.

As Covid-19 concerns continue to grow, the funding will be vital to help improve the capabilities of the Cheyenne firefighters. As Wyoming News Now reports, over $700,000 in CARES money was approved by the Wyoming State's Attorney's office as the Cheyenne Fire Rescue applied for the funding. The CARES money will be used for improved medical equipment, UV disinfectant devices, technological improvements for remote working and/or training, garments with improved protection to be used when on medical calls, and disposable personal protection equipment (PPE).

Local 279 Union, Union President Theron Haws had lots of praise for the new equipment the Cheyenne Fire Rescue was in dire need of:

The COVID coveralls are pieces of mind and security that we wear when we go on calls and as soon as we get off the truck we can  leave them outside in a dirty area and not worry about the threat of taking anything home. Not to mention isn’t going to have a negative effect on the city budget then why wouldn’t we ask for that relief.

As of now, there are currently six quarantined members of the Cheyenne Fire Rescue firefighters and more than 20 members have quarantined during the pandemic as exposures and cases in the state continue to rise.

As the Cheyenne Fire Rescue is excited for the new PPE they'll receive, Haws mentioned the relief will be when the new equipment and protective gear is finally delivered.

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