If ever there were a strategy to winning the lottery, this would be it!

The lottery is completely random. There is really no strategy to be put into play, at least not that I know of. In my experience, you can pick numbers, but that doesn't increase or decrease your chances of winning.

This woman in Colorado however may have a different outlook.

According to ABC News, Judy Finchum has been playing the same numbers in the Advance Play tickets for the last 30 years. At age 67, that means Judy has stuck with the same combination since she was 37. On Saturday, September 16 it all finally paid off as she had the winning numbers, including the Powerball.

That totaled $133.2 million on a ticket sold in Grand Junction.

While receiving her over-sized check at a recent press conference, Judy shared her story and the significance of the numbers. It was a combination of several birthdays in her family. 17, 18, 24, 25 and 31 for her late brother, herself, her sister, her ex husband and her daughter, respectively. She will be taking the lump sum payment which means she just had $84,607,397 deposited into her account.

She said she is officially retired.

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