Raina Huang is a food vlogger and competitive eater who travels around the country filming crazy food challenges. Her latest mission is to devour the Goliath Ice Cream challenge at the Serendipity Cafe in Casper, Wyoming.

Piled high with nine scoops of ice cream, four waffles, covered in whipped cream and doused in chocolate syrup, the Goliath Challenge tips the scales at over five pounds and 5,000 calories.

Huang and fellow foodie "Magic Mitch" battled brain freeze to conquer the Goliath in just under 30 minutes. After completing the challenge, Huang reflected on her achievement.

"The amount wasn't hard, it was just very cold. It became frozen and started tasting like ice," she said. "I'm going to soak my hand in hot water."

Huang and her co-host were only the 3rd and 4th customers to successfully complete the challenge since it debuted in April.

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