Saturday's Curt Gowdy Adventure Race was marked by tragedy as one of the competitors passed away during the event. The name of the deceased is not being released at this time, but park officials believe that the 43-year-old man from out-of-state suffered from health complications that lead to his death.

"There was a person that tragically did die during the race on Saturday," confirmed Domenic Bravo, the Administrator for the Division of State Parks and Outdoor Recreation.  "At least at this point, it appears that it may have been heart-related."

Bravo says this is speculation on his part without concrete information from the coroner's office. The incident was not caused by an accident or part of the race, as he confirms there was no activity component in the area where the incident took place.


Bravo said that the event continued despite the tragic incident. "We want to make sure we're thoughtful of the family because it's a tragic thing to happen, and try to provide a way for the race to continue." All of the National Park Staff at the event were trained in CPR and use of AEDs.

"For the situation, I'm not sure there's anything that could have been done that wasn't already in place," Bravo said.



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