Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 17th, West Edge Collective is bringing in Coolio and Rob Base (though he isn't internationally known) for a FREE show! This awesome show is going to happen during Paint Slingers and 4-Ever West Tattoo Festival. This is setting up the weekend as a great time and a nice lead up to Cheyenne Frontier Days

This is a really good show to be free. I mean, it's Coolio. Who doesn't want to see him wait until the end of the show to play Gansta's Paradise? And while not internationally known, Rob Base is known to rock the microphone. I'm glad I was able to get that in twice.

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Also, I mentioned that weekend is going to be awesome with the 4-Ever West Tattoo Festival. Check out the additional details about the event surrounding the free concert.

In addition to the free Saturday night concert, the weekend-long 4-Ever West Tattoo Festival and Paint Slingers will include tattoo art, a pinup contest, graffiti art, glass blowing, acrobats, fire breathers, pro arm wrestling, a car/bike show, vendors, food trucks, live entertainment and more.

I've said it over and over, Summer 2021 is going to be one for the books. The entertainment value coming to Cheyenne this summer is top notch and we should really be thankful for all the hard work that is going into these festivals and events to give us some awesome entertainment. I'll see you in a few weeks and we can all reminisce about how great hip hop was 30 years ago.

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