Stimulus Check Retrieval

The government has passed a coronavirus aid package which will provide some relief to Americans affected by the pandemic. However, not everyone will be eligible for the stimulus check. People who make $75,000 or less per year will receive $1,200. If you earn between $75,000 to $99,000 thousand a year, the check will be much lower. And if you make more than $99,000 a year, you're not getting anything. All eligible families will receive an additional $500 for each child under 17. Also, how much money you receive will be based on your 2019 taxpayer forms. If you haven't filed yet, they'll use the income you made in 2018.

So, when are these checks coming? The payments will be distributed through the IRS. Some people may even expect a payment within the next three weeks.

How to Make Sure You Receive Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check Quickly:

  • Make sure that either your 2018 or your 2019 taxes are filed
  • Make sure your direct deposit bank info is up to date with the IRS. That's the easiest way your money will get to you
  • Make sure your address is up to date if you're expecting a paper check. If you’re planning on receiving the payment by mail, the IRS will send a paper check to the address you used the last time you filed taxes (via NBC)
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