Maybe it depends more on where you are moving to.

As terrible as the pandemic has been I do believe that it has brought us some personal clarity. When much of what you enjoy has been removed from the picture, you are left looking at the bare bones. I think people started to really ask themselves if their life was what they wanted it to be. If ever there was a time that we all felt life is short, 2020 was certainly it.

So, let me ask you, are you happy living in Wyoming?

Many of you are emphatically nodding your head right now and I'm sure there are those who are rolling their eyes. However, if you shrugged your shoulders, there's a chance you might entertain the idea of moving to another state. Throw in $12,000 and that idea just became a little more appealing, didn't it?

According to Yahoo Finance, you could be $12,000 richer if you move to West Virginia.

If you've been working from home this past year, this sounds like a great way to shake things up. In addition to the money, the report says you will receive free admission to the state's public lands for one year. All in all, the state says the move is valued at $20,000.

From what I've read in this article, there are no strings attached. You simply uproot your life and get the money. It doesn't seem like there is a minimum time that you have to live there either. Perhaps this could be like a semester abroad in college, except it's stateside and not Italy or France.

Would you do it? If not, how much money would it take for your to move from Wyoming?

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