It's been six years since the Casper Ghosts packed up and left for Grand Junction. Has enough time elapsed for Wyoming to be ready again for a minor league baseball team?

Casper's Pioneer League team for the Colorado Rockies first came into existence in 2001, then known as the Casper Rockies. In 2008 the team changed their name to the Casper Ghosts, which was a brilliant marketing move allowing them to sell hats and shirts worldwide.

Currently, Wyoming is the ONLY state in the lower 48 that does not have some kind of a professional/minor league baseball team.

Wyoming's most populated cities, Cheyenne and Casper would still be on the lower side of other Rookie, Pioneer League, and single A cities. However, with not a lot of other professional sports options in the Cowboy State, we feel games have the potential of being pretty well attended.

Weather is another tough factor when it comes to bringing a team to Wyoming. There's snow in May, thunderstorms through the summer, and the wind may keep some folks away.

With all of that in mind, we're asking a two-part question. Would it work and where should a team be considered? Feel free to elaborate your thoughts in the comments section!


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