Online dating is an established and effective way to meet a mate. It has now surpassed the the results of introductions by friends. There are websites that match people by looks, money, religion, careers, hobbies and more. Now comes a website that will match couples strictly by scent.

To join, you pay $25 for a t-shirt . . . wear it for three days . . . and then send it back.  Then they send pieces of your shirt to potential matches, to see if they're attracted to your BODY ODOR. It is advised that you don’t use deodorants or perfumes or you would throw off the baseline.

For now, they have 52 participants in a pool of limited to 100 New York City residents. Here in The Cowboy State, we love the great outdoors and the hiking and fishing that goes with it. And then there are those of us who love their horses, whether it’s for pleasure or for work. We also have lots of people involved in oil and gas, struggling economy aside. There are bakers and cooks. Certain activities come with their own odors.

But Smell Dating's creators warn you not to take their new dating website too seriously, calling it "an Internet experiment." It will be interesting to see if it works.

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