Do you think you could fit your life into a tiny home? There's a way to find out as I've come across pictures of a real tiny home in Laramie, Wyoming.

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I came across this neat home in an unusual way (which is normal for me). I saw share a list of 11 cool tiny houses for sale in Wyoming. One of them was the Spring Creek Tiny House in Laramie. It appears that it's already been sold, but Christy shared many pics of the place which gives you an idea of how strategic you need to be with space if you have any tiny house thoughts or dreams.

Inside of a Laramie, Wyoming Tiny Home

One of the more popular shows on Netflix is The Minimalists: Less is Now.

I love the concept of minimalizing my life and living in a tiny house. My wife and kids laugh at me every time I bring it up. Could I realistically do it? No way. There would be masses of boxes surrounding any tiny home I'd try to be in.

If you have any dreams of this kind of tiny lifestyle, check out the Spring Creek Tiny House listing for more pics and details of how awesome living smaller can really be.

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