If you're concerned about the younger generation, don't be. If they're anything like this Wyoming whiz kid, they're gonna be just fine as he built his own tiny home from scratch with no experience whatsoever.

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David Rule is a teenager in Wyoming. He has had an interest (he calls it "obsession") with tiny homes and decided he would get up off his backside and make it happen. Oh, and he did it all for around $8,000.

He admitted that he has no construction or how-to experience and taught himself all he needed to know from watching YouTube videos. He has shared his experience of how he went from nothing to a tiny home in a very fun well put-together video.

As he showed in the video, David had some things he would have done in a different order like sanding the rust off of his trailer, etc. But, all in all it came together quite well.

The result is a 150 square foot tiny home that frankly looks as good as some I've seen done by professional builders. He has yet to do the interior, but promises to document that in a follow-up video.

The end result is a very practical living space that I would imagine any teenager/20-something would be more than happy to live in. Better than your parent's basement, right?

Make sure you follow David Rule on YouTube for the follow-up on how he finishes this self-made tiny home. Kudos to him for also making his video extremely fun to watch.

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