Maybe you've thought about getting away from society, but are you willing to go all-in and really do it? One Wyoming woman has for years and she's sharing her experience of what it's really like living a homestead life in a tiny home in the Wyoming mountains.

Ariel is an interesting lady. Her YouTube channel Fy Nyth has nearly 68,000 followers as she's told her off-the-grid story for the past 8 years. Here's a little backstory from her on how her life has developed:

I'm Ariel. Along with my husband Clay, our dogs, and some poultry, we live in a tiny house on wheels in the mountains of western Wyoming and are working on setting into our own new little homestead. I've been living this lifestyle since 2014 and my wonderful partner has joined me more recently...Real life here. I try to show the good and the bad. The ups and the downs. What works, and what doesn't. The parts I love (most of it!), and the things that suck. Not just the showroom version of a tiny house, but everyday life in a tiny house. Not just the romantic idea of "homesteading" or off grid life, but the everyday details of this lifestyle. We split wood for heat, fill the water tank from a gravity fed spring, and attempt to grow as much of our own food as possible between the weather and wildlife here.

Ariel shared a brand new video at the end of January updating everyone on how she and her small family are doing.

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I appreciate the fact that she doesn't offer just a glamourous version of what living off-the-grid in a Wyoming tiny home is like. It can be tough. Wyoming winters in the mountains can be brutal. It's not always convenient. However, it is liberating and shows that it really is possible to make your own way and not be tied to modern conveniences allowing you to avoid the hassles that come along with it.

One of the many benefits of living in the Wyoming wild is you'll have unique visitors sometimes.

I consider Ariel's channel a must-follow on YouTube if you have any interest in this kind of lifestyle. It's certainly not for everyone, but it can be an experience unmatched anywhere else in the world if you're up to it.

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