A couple in California accidentally locked themselves inside dog crates while filming a video about their pets' nighttime routine.

User @stephanieferrari posted the hilarious footage to TikTok, where it went viral.

In the clip, the dog mom shows her and her husband's nightly routine of putting their dogs in their respective crates.

At one point, the pair crawl inside separate crates themselves, where they promptly get stuck.

"I can't get out!" the woman yells, laughing as she realizes she can't unlatch the lock from the inside of the cage.

With no one around to help them escape, the pair begin to panic as their dogs bark in the background.

Watch below:

In a follow-up video, user @stephanieferrari revealed the moment her husband was able to free both of them from their puppy prisons.

After nearly 2 minutes of being locked up, the husband was able to move his cage in front of his wife's crate, unlatching the lock and freeing her.

"Why did we think of that?" the woman exclaimed once free from the cage.

Watch below:

Viewers commented on the hilarious mishap.

"I’m wheezing! Seeing the crate scooting around is hilarious," one person wrote.

"Hahahah. I thought a dog was in the white crate coming to the rescue, I was impressed," another commented.

"I’m sorry I’m CRYING at the fact there’s TWO GROWN ADULTS IN THERE," someone else chimed in.

According to ABC7, the couple shared that if they weren't able to free themselves, they would have used Alexa to call their neighbors for help.

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